2 years ago



i have men at a point talk of life,both young and elderly.my dairy has a daily entry of life as if it is the title to my hard earned day,probably ;you may at one point thought of life and gone deep in scientific research to find answers.even the holy books talk of it ,sometimes in parables,othertimes in prowse and poetry.

but what is this thing called life,tasks accompleshed,summits reached,fulfilment of a purpose, but that does not really describe life to a pessimist who lives to the fullest losing all that men call accomplishment.

life is a mystery,a tangledd rose in the middle of thickets and a silent observer saying- look.tell me how it feels when you say next time,what it is when you pat your shoulder and say-well done !

life is a state of art.the universe is the gallery and you to describe.